"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature" ~ Gerard De Nerval


Welcome to Our Farm

It’s truly magical! We may be a little biased, having lived on this land for more than 35 years, but our farm is so much more than just soil. It’s a canvas of endless organic potential, where our imaginations have flourished, where some of our greatest triumphs and toughest days have woven and intertwined. Just like our family, our farm has evolved and grown. Starting out as a grain farm, we expanded to growing trees, which led us to add a small garden center, and then finally our beloved Christmas store. Today, we are so excited by our newest adventure, as the blossoming Birchwood Meadows.

We love flowers! The process of growing them brings us endless joy. From cultivating the soil and planting the seeds, to watering, fertilizing, fending off insects and animals, and protecting tender leaves and buds from the sometimes unpredictable prairie weather. Until one day, finally! those buds begin to bloom, and we welcome you to come wander through the garden and pick your favourites to take home and enjoy.

Our approach to all things is simple; LOVE & JOY. To love what we do, finding joy in the process, and sharing our passion for nature with you is what gives us the greatest bounty. Whether you are visiting to pick flowers, joining us for a workshop, hosting an event, celebrating a special occasion, or just escaping the city for an adventure, we hope you will be inspired by our farm, and share in the LOVE and JOY we cultivate.


We can’t wait to see you soon!
Our Birchwood Family